Donald Rumsfeld Made an iOS Game, and It's Actually Pretty Good

In the News January 25, 2016
Leif Johnson

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...I'll cut to the chase—it's made me reconsider Solitaire as a diversion worth my time in this age of blockbuster games and social media, and I don't think that's the scotch talking...

Rumsfeld debuts 'Churchill Solitaire' video game

In the News January 25, 2016
Fox News

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What happens when you cross a former defense secretary, a cigar-smoking former British prime minister and a much-loved card game?

The answer is “Churchill Solitaire”...

Donald Rumsfeld is now a video game developer and his first game is out

In the News January 24, 2016
Adam Rosenberg

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Who would ever guess that former U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld had the itch to make games?

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld Tries His Hand At App Development

In the News January 23, 2016
Camila Domonoske

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Now available on a mobile device near you: an app designed by Winston Churchill and Donald Rumsfeld.

Former Defense Secretary Marches Into New Territory: Videogames

In the News January 22, 2016
Julian Barnes
The Wall Street Journal

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In every game of solitaire there are many known knowns, but it is a version that perhaps stresses the known unknowns that a certain former secretary of defense is turning into a videogame.

Donald Rumsfeld Launched A Winston Churchill Solitaire App

In the News January 22, 2016
Rosie Gray

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Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has launched an app for playing a version of solitaire favored by Winston Churchill.

Noted App Developer Donald Rumsfeld Made a Winston Churchill-Themed Solitaire App

In the News January 22, 2016
Kate Knibbs

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Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld missed a huge opportunity this week by releasing a card-game iPhone app that isn’t called “Rummy’s Gin Rummy.” Instead, his app is called “Churchill Solitaire.” But...I LOVE IT!

Interview with Donald Rumsfeld

In the News July 1, 2015
Philanthropy Magazine

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Donald Rumsfeld was an influential member of Congress, served as a White House chief of staff, and aided four Presidents. This included time as both the youngest Secretary of Defense and then the oldest.

The Washingtonian Magazine, profile piece on Javelin with Matt Shaer

In the News November 19, 2014

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Their first client was their old boss. Latimer and Urbahn had helped write Rumsfeld’s previous book, a memoir called Known and Unknown.

Bloomberg Businessweek, “The Napkin that Changed the U.S. Economy”

In the News November 10, 2014
On-camera Interview

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In 1974, economist Arthur Laffer sketches his theory of tax policy over dinner with Wall Street Journal writer Jude Wanniski and Ford administration officials Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, kick-starting the rise of supply-side economics.

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