‘The right man at the right time’

In the News May 1, 2018
Ed Bradley
The Washington Times

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David Broder once wrote that “Gerald Ford was the kind of president Americans always wanted — and didn’t know they had.” With “When The Center Held,” Donald Rumsfeld reminds the reader how fortunate the nation was to have Gerald Ford as the nation’s 38th chief executive.

At 83, I Decided to Develop an App

In the News February 1, 2016
Donald Rumsfeld

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I’ve done business, politics, and war. Now I’m trying my hand at mobile gaming.

Donald Rumsfeld: Charlie Rose

In the News January 27, 2016
Bloomberg Business

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On "Charlie Rose," a conversation with Donald Rumsfeld. He served twice as Secretary of Defense and presided over the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He has now ventured into a new territory as an app developer. Last week he released a game called "Churchill Solitaire." It is a version of solitaire played by the British Prime Minister during World War II.

Donald Rumsfeld launches a new app

In the News January 26, 2016

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Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld discusses how to defeat ISIS, the asymmetrical fight against ISIS and the app he launched, Churchill Solitaire. 

Stephen Gets A Straight Answer Out Of Donald Rumsfeld

In the News January 25, 2016

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Donald Rumsfeld appears as gust on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Rumsfeld: Admin has no 'logical winning strategy' for ISIS

In the News January 25, 2016
Fox News

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On 'Hannity,' former secretary of defense talks strategy to defeat terror group, weighs in on the 2016 race​ 

This unlikely new solitaire app is a Donald Rumsfeld-Winston Churchill collaboration

In the News January 25, 2016
Dan Zak
The Washington Post

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Rumsfeld’s evolution from Eagle Scout to app developer took root longer ago than you’d expect, in 1973, when he was U.S. ambassador to NATO. 

Strategy and Tactics: Tackling Donald Rumsfeld’s Churchill Solitaire

In the News January 25, 2016
Julian Barnes
The Wall Street Jounral

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Game lovers and history buffs are on the march to try out Churchill Solitaire, the new videogame developed by 83-year-old former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and named for Winston Churchill.

Donald Rumsfeld: Why he launched gaming app 'Churchill Solitaire'

In the News January 25, 2016

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How does a former secretary of defense relax, when the need arises? For Donald Rumsfeld, a competitive game of Churchill Solitaire does the trick. Secretary Rumsfeld now wants to help you play, and he joins TODAY's Matt Lauer to discuss the app he helped develop for the age-old competition.

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